Dante the poet, George the artist

Currently, there is a story on my work on the Fairleigh Dickinson Univerity website (where I teach) by Kenna Caprio. 

"Dante has taken over George Cochrane’s life. Two of his three current artistic endeavors — an illuminated manuscript and a graphic novel — evoke the spirit of the famed Medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri.

Notions of The OdysseyThe Divine Comedy and Ulysses — all literary obsessions of Cochrane’s — have swirled through his head and his art for years now. In reading these classics, he identified with the journey and the baggage they present.

“I want to take everything that my life has been, every experience I’ve had and put it in one place so I can understand it and spin it into art,” says the Florham Campus associate professor of art. “Turn it into an aesthetic experience that is going to offer something to the reader.” - from Dante the poet, George the artist by Kenna Caprio

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