Artist-in-residence at Thornwillow Press

In January 2015, George became the first “artist-in-residence” at Thornwillow Press in Newburgh, NY. There, he is producing his 24 chapter graphic novel in-progress, Long Time Gone, over the next five years for Open Corner. The first seven chapters, along with fine art prints created at Thornwillow, will be presented at the MoMA/P.S.1 NY Artist Book Fair in September, 2015.
The first piece of Long Time Gone material created at Thornwillow Press, is a set of hand-lettered quotes connected to the graphic novel, housed in a matchbox.

LTG matchboxes 1.7.jpg

To celebrate Thornwillow Press’s 30 years of fine book-making, Cochrane is also at work on The Newburgh Commedia, marking the 750th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s birth. The project consists of the creation of a new manuscript version of Dante’s Divine Comedy, to be published and presented with images connecting his timeless poem to city of Newburgh. Cochrane is modeling the presentation of his comic-lettered text on the earliest known manuscript as well as early printed, illustrated editions of Dante’s masterwork. Cochrane’s images trace a line from early illuminated manuscripts and printed editions of the Commedia, through the history of art, and to the worlds of the comic and cartooning arts.
Additional to the limited edition volumes of the The Newburgh Commedia, Cochrane is producing limited editions of Fine Art prints, and more, which will culminate in an exhibition of the artworks in Newburgh and also a presentation at MoMA/P.S.1 NY Artist Book Fair in September, 2015.
In January, Cochrane created the first series of limited edition prints: "The Newburgh Suite, The Woodcuts: Inferno, Purgatorio & Paradiso.”